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Sustainable Snacks

Hello everyone my name is Dorothy and I am one part of Fig & Bloom and now at Dotscookin. I am a Mom, a holistic chef and a healthy cooking fan. While trying to juggle it all  I recently had  a major realization that packaging, plastic and trash was really getting out of control in our house. Part of it I saw, was my dependence on ‘convenience’. Those cubed mango bits…in a plastic tub. That rolled up yoyo…in a packet and a card that is used once. That school lunch….wrapped in cling film. You see where I am going with this.

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Tell Santa to put the kettle on...

We can’t deny it any longer, it really is nearly Christmas! This is our first festive season with school aged children and it feels like a whole different ballgame this year with fairs, shows and parties galore. We’ll be well and truly ready for a rest once the big day arrives.

For both of us a lot of the magic of Christmas comes from stockings (which obviously we still insist on also getting ourselves) and we might be biased but we think Small & Wild tea makes the perfect stocking filler.

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