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Whilst it has been hot, hot, hot in the UK our little people have been requesting daily ice lollies to help keep their cool. We're ok with that though, because ice lollies don't need to be packed full of sugar or anything artificial if they are homemade. We've been loving making tea lollies this summer, have you given them a try yet? They are a doddle to make, completely natural and very low in sugar, plus they actually make a great additional way for children to stay hydrated. Here how to create tea-tastic-ice-lollies at home, it's great fun to get your kids involved in the making too:

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Sustainable Snacks

Hello everyone my name is Dorothy and I am one part of Fig & Bloom and now at Dotscookin. I am a Mom, a holistic chef and a healthy cooking fan. While trying to juggle it all  I recently had  a major realization that packaging, plastic and trash was really getting out of control in our house. Part of it I saw, was my dependence on ‘convenience’. Those cubed mango bits…in a plastic tub. That rolled up yoyo…in a packet and a card that is used once. That school lunch….wrapped in cling film. You see where I am going with this.

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