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Whilst it has been hot, hot, hot in the UK our little people have been requesting daily ice lollies to help keep their cool. We're ok with that though, because ice lollies don't need to be packed full of sugar or anything artificial if they are homemade. We've been loving making tea lollies this summer, have you given them a try yet? They are a doddle to make, completely natural and very low in sugar, plus they actually make a great additional way for children to stay hydrated. Here how to create tea-tastic-ice-lollies at home, it's great fun to get your kids involved in the making too:

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Mindfulness for kids

We’re not big on New Year’s resolutions here but one thing we will be trying to do is to put just a few minutes aside once a day for some mindfulness.  This doesn’t mean we’ll be roping our kids into silent meditation for half an hour. Rather just taking the time to really focus on an activity in hand, noticing thoughts, feelings and sensations that are happening around us right now.

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Tell Santa to put the kettle on...

We can’t deny it any longer, it really is nearly Christmas! This is our first festive season with school aged children and it feels like a whole different ballgame this year with fairs, shows and parties galore. We’ll be well and truly ready for a rest once the big day arrives.

For both of us a lot of the magic of Christmas comes from stockings (which obviously we still insist on also getting ourselves) and we might be biased but we think Small & Wild tea makes the perfect stocking filler.

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Happy Toucan Infused Pumpkin Cake

We love pumpkins – and reckon they shouldn’t just have their one night of fame at Halloween. We’ve got the perfect recipe to celebrate this lovely vegetable, a delicious, and slightly indulgent, cake which is infused with our very own Happy Toucan tea. The whole family will love it, it’s ideal to enjoy whilst sitting down together enjoying a yummy cup of Small & Wild tea - and just a little piece on the side is enough. We totally encourage kids to get involved with making this, they can be chief infusers of the tea for a start…

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Why is Herbal Tea a good drink for children?

By Laura Clark, Registered Dietician

As well as an innovative form of hydration, these sorts of drinks can also provide an opportunity for families to come together and share in a healthful experience. Children learn from modelling so if we as parents can demonstrate the importance of keeping hydrated (as well as simply just taking five to breathe and check in with ourselves and our children) then that’s a bonus.

Exciting times too if we can increase our repertoire of healthy drink options to offer – when it’s good for them and they actually enjoy it, that’s a winning combination in my book! Time to put the kettle on…

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