Simple rainy day craft activities


Isn’t this weather strange?! One minute the sun is shining and the next it’s pouring with rain. We spoke with home educator, Nicola, to get some suggestions for simple, 5 minute craft activities to do with our little people on rainy days… whilst sipping a cup of Small & Wild! We love how the activities were led by the kids’ own imaginations and the treasures they stumbled across whilst rummaging through their junk modelling supplies.

Hello there! My name is Nicola and I home educate my five children ages 15, 13, 10, 7 & 4 who have never been in the schooling system. As Home Education is on the rise here in the UK we decided to share our adventure on our blog, The World is Their Classroom, Instagram and Twitter, helping and advising families along the way.

As the rain continues this week, lashing against the windowpanes, the kiddies have been keeping warm with mugs of Small & Wild. I popped the kettle on whilst the kiddies rummaged through our junk box of model making supplies. They found lots of interesting materials for some creative activities to keep them engaged, whilst taking a sip of their very tasty, happy herbal tea.


The kiddies first decided to turn the stack of brown paper bags, that have been piling up, into paper bag kites! They often enjoy decorating their own lunch bags, so we thought we would adapt that activity slightly. They had lots of fun decorating their paper bags with drawings and stickers, carefully attached brightly coloured tissue paper and then raced outside to fly them around.

Next they learnt all about Chromotography with these fun coffee filter snails. They each coloured the centre of their coffee filter paper with coloured felt-tip pens before adding a few drops of water. They were amazed to see the colourful inks spread and separate across the paper, before displaying them on the window, acting a bit like sun-catchers! Let's hope the summer sun comes out soon!



After a few sips of their Small & Wild tea they moved onto their next super simple activity, pretty bun case flowers! The kiddies began by snipping away at the spotty bun cases and sticking them onto colourful lolly sticks to create a mini meadow of flowers across their paper. Our kitchen fridge is now a wonderful display of vibrant flowers.

Next, they decided these small plastic bottles would make perfect paint stampers! They enjoyed reusing the bottles to create these perfect little flowers as the stamped away across the paper. We also reused plastic lids, acting as paint trays, as the kiddies easily gripped the bottles and began stamping away.



Their tea cups were almost empty but we still had time for one final activity! Loo roll binoculars! Yes, at last we found an easy peasy craft for our endless supply of loo rolls. With fast drying paint sticks in hand the rolls were soon decorated and ready to spy all the nature in our back garden. They sat at the window discussing which birds they could see coming and going to the feeders.

We love how making a brew of Small & Wild has brought us together as a family today, enjoying simple craft activities. The crafts provided an opportunity to develop many skills such as decision making skills and fine motor skills as well as promoting innovation and creativity and boosting self esteem. Having a mug of Small & Wild made them eager to join in, treating their little taste buds to some exciting new natural flavours!

Becky Coletto