Snoozy Fox’s Sensory Sneaking

Snoozy Fox is our most docile mascot here at Small & Wild. He’s had one herbal tea too many and now he’s in a near permanent stupor. We’ve created a brilliant game inspired by his dozing. It’s a sensory one based on ‘fox walking’ – treading very, very lightly. Read on for more. 

You will need:

A mug with some jingly jangly objects in it (keys or cutlery work well)

A blindfold (optional) 

The aim of the game is to steal Snoozy Fox’s ‘treasure’ (the jangly objects). Here’s how it’s done:

First, assemble your mini people and adults in a circle. 

Pick one person to be Snoozy Fox and get them to sit or stand in the centre. They should keep their eyes closed, or wear a blindfold. They need to have the mug with ‘treasure’ in front of them. 

People in the circle then take turns ‘fox walking’ towards Snoozy Fox in an attempt to steal his treasure. If they don’t tread lightly enough they will rouse Snoozy Fox from his slumber and he will be able to point in their direction.

If Snoozy Fox can point at them then they need to return to their place in the circle. If they can return with his treasure without being heard by him, they’ve won the game! 

This is a great game for practicing mindfulness. Those trying to steal the treasure need to concentrate hard on stepping lightly. Similarly, the person playing Snoozy Fox must focus on their hearing senses.

A lovely outdoor variation to this game is to play it on different types of terrain. See what difference it makes to the sound of footsteps playing on sand, grass or crunchy leaves. 

Kate Towers