Merry Tiger’s Tree Hugging

Our Small & Wild mascots are a characterful, nature-loving bunch, and they’ve helped us come up with four awesome activities to connect your kids with the outdoors and have a whole lot of fun. Uniquely pacifist for his species, is our Merry Tiger, the tree hugger.  Inspired by his peaceful and affectionate ways, we’d like to share this game which will get everyone quite literally closer to nature. This is great for littles of 3+ (and adults often love it too!). 

You will need:

An even number of people

A blindfold for each pair (old tights are good) 

An outdoor space with a number of trees

How to play…

Any Merry Tiger recruits should be in pairs. This can be two small people together, or a child and an adult. 

One person in the pair will put on a blindfold and be spun around by the other until they lose their sense of direction. They will then be led by their partner to a tree.

Once at the tree the blindfolded person should try and ‘get to know it.’ This involves using all their senses to explore what they find there. People playing should be encouraged to to try and ‘hear’ the tree, to smell it, and the boldest Tigers might even want to have a little lick of the bark. Most important is feeling the tree through touch. Those who led their partners there can prompt them with questions: ‘Is the bark ridged or flaky?’ ‘Can you feel roots with your feet?’ ‘What shape are the leaves?’

Once the blindfolded person feels they have adequately ‘met’ their tree they can be led back to the point at which they were spun round.

Their blindfold will be removed and their challenge is to identify the tree to which they were led. Here people’s responses greatly differ. Some are very logical in tracing their steps back to the tree. Others feel they know their tree well enough they can find them again through intuition…We would love to hear how you all get on. Happy tree hugging!

Kate Towers