Jolly Croc's Nature Play

Our Jolly Croc is very conscious about the earth and making sure we look after it. He’s also a super imaginative, resourceful sort who loves to create fun using the things around him. With that in mind, we’ve come up with four DIY woodcraft activities that require what you already own, and a pinch of the natural world. 

·      ‘Whittling’ with potato peelers. This is a much safer version of whittling than using a knife and our little ones love it. They sit in the garden with their collection of sticks and peel the bark off for far longer than you’d expect. For extra safe measure, you might want to get them to wear a glove in the hand that they’re holding the stick. 

·      Snail shell necklaces.These are cute in a somewhat mystical way. Collecting the empty snail shells makes us look up close at who inhabits the flower bed. Look for the most worn part of the shell and pierce a small hole in it. Then simply thread all the shells on a long piece of string. 

·      Bow and arrows.These aren’t effective as weapons, yet children still love them. A long, bendy stick makes the bow. Tie either end of a long piece of string to each end of the stick. A shorter, fatter stick is a good arrow. This activity is good for making children look closely at the sticks and compare their qualities.

·      The nature memory game.Together with your small person collect things from around your garden or local wood. Take a good look at and talk about them. Now one of you should cover your eyes whilst the other takes one item away. When the person with their eyes closed opens them they need to guess what is missing. This game is designed to make us look closely at what can normally pass us by. 

Kate Towers