Happy Toucan's Twitter Chatter

One of our tea mascots, Happy Toucan, is a bit of a chatterbox. He really knows the value of a warm brew and a chinwag. This got us thinking that we’d love to share a game based on the five tones with which birds communicate. 

This is charades style fun. All you need is three people or more. It can be played by small people, adults or a mixture of both!

The aim of the game is that one person will whisper to another the function of one of the five tones. That person then has to act it out to the group, who will guess what they’re imitating. 

Birds communicate the same things we do! (well…ish) Here are the functions of the five tones:

Baby birds asking for food

Checking in with each other ‘You alright?’ ‘Yeah, I’m alright, you alright?’ 


Intimidating each other by showing they are strongest, most important

Sounding alarm to each other of an approaching predator

This game doesn’t just educate us about bird talk. It also connects to the world around us. After playing you could go outside and guess at what the birds around you are communicating. 

Kate Towers