Tickle your taste buds with Wild Child Kitchen

We've got a huge amount of admiration for Wild Child Kitchen and its founder Natasha Lee here at Small & Wild. The foodie company is making delicious, nutritious and fresh meals for children and delivering them across London. So we were super happy when they came up with this brilliant culinary family challenge challenge that will engage all the key senses. So unplug, tickle those taste buds and find out who is the champion super foodie in your family!

You will need
· One other person to play with
· A mixture of fresh herbs eg. Mint, coriander, basil, thyme, rosemary, etc.
· Various spices eg. Paprika, pepper, oregano, turmeric – raid the kitchen cupboard!
· A Blindfold

What to do
· Decide who will go first – that person puts on the blindfold (Player 1)
· Player 2 selects a herb or spice for Player 1 to explore through touch, smell and taste
· Player 2 should ask questions like: What colour do you think it is? Does it make you think of hot or cold temperatures? What food does it smell like? Does it smell sweet or savoury?
· Can Player 1 guess what it is?! If so, that’s one point for them!
· Switch over and continue to take it in turns until you go through your herbs and spice selection – the person with the most points wins and can be called “Champion Super Foodie” for the rest of the day. Do let us know how you get on!