During the heatwave our little people were requesting daily ice lollies to help keep their cool. And this habit seems to continuing whatever the weather! We're ok with that though, because ice lollies don't need to be packed full of sugar or anything artificial if they are homemade. We've been loving making tea lollies this summer, have you given them a try yet? They are a doddle to make, completely natural and very low in sugar, plus they can be a great additional way for children to stay hydrated. Here's how to create tea-tastic-ice-lollies at home, it's really fun to get your kids involved in the making too:

- Choose your tea! All our teas work really well as ice lollies, it really does come down to what your little people fancy on the day - for something a bit zingy (and also bright blue) our minty Snoozy Fox hits the spot, for a more creamy, naturally sweet flavour Happy Toucan with milk can be really yummy. However the most classic ice lolly flavours come from our Merry Tiger and Jolly Croc. And for this example we are going with our Tiger...

- Brew your tea. If you are making four lollies then we recommend using a tea bag for each lolly. Put tea bags in boiling water and allow to brew. You want it nice and strong so leave to cool by itself (if you were feeling super organised you could cold brew your tea by popping it in the fridge the night before)

- Pop in some additions! We love to add fruit to our tea lollies, for Merry Tiger a couple raspberries in each lolly is perfect. Whilst they are delicious as they are a little drop of honey can really bring the flavour of your tea lolly to life. You really don't need much, half a teaspoon per lolly is more than enough

- Pour in the tea. Our lolly mould isn't very glamorous, and we'd swerve the plastic if we were buying again, but it is one we've had for years so we'll keep loving it for as long as possible

- Place on the lids - often our little wildlings' favourite job

- Pop in the freezer for around 3 - 4 hours

- Enjoy whilst chilling with friends

We reckon there's loads of inventive recipes you could come up with using tea as a lolly base. Last week we tried a fresh Watermelon and Merry Tiger combination and we're going to be trying Happy Toucan with some blended banana and milk next at the request our biggest boy. Do let us know any recipes you try and love.