Bend Like a Yogi

We love seeing our kids active. but sometimes after a busy day they'll still have energy to burn but you know they need to start to wind down. Yoga offers that brilliant balance of relaxing both the body and mind. The lovely Jessy West who teaches inspiring kids yoga sessions at Hilltop Studio in North London was kind of enough to put together some brilliant yoga moves for kids, all of which can be easily done at home in 15 minutes. 
Jess told us about how just as yoga is beneficial for adults, the same goes for kids. Starting the practice early will give them tools to follow into adulthood. It is a time for kids to have fun and release any stress or tension they may be feeling in their everyday. Yoga helps calm and centre the mind, whilst increasing concentration, awareness and coordination. Many kids yoga classes include themes and stories to aid creativity and imagination. Yoga is always inclusive and doesn’t include competition or judgment, it is a time to empower kids whilst helping them feel a greater sense peace within.
That all sounds pretty perfect to us - and here's Jessy's top moves to get your little yogis started and scroll through the gallery to see them in action..

1 - Half Sun Salutation 

Inhale, hands reach up to the ceiling, exhale, bend over so hands reach down to the floor *Repeat

2 - Cat Cow

Come onto all fours (onto hands and knees). Cat - arch the back lift head and chest up. Cow (Reverse of Cat) - curl the spine whilst dropping the head in towards you.

3 - Tree pose 

Stand on one leg, rest the other foot on the ankle or above the knee. Palms together above the head or resting them on your hips.

4 - Buzzy bee breath

Sit cross legged, eyes closed, whilst exhaling making buzzy bee noise. (Try sounds like, snake ‘ssszzz’ or even Darth Vader's voice)

5 - Savasana 

Lie down on your back. Feet apart, palms face the ceiling. Take nice deep breaths. (Mums and Dads could give them a little foot massage and play some relaxing tunes)

Kate Towers