By Jacquie Hughes, Illustrator
(We asked Jacquie to provide an activity for our #15minutehappy campaign and we were delighted when she said yes!)

About me

My name is Jacquie Hughes and I'm an illustrator. I design greetings cards, make original lino prints and more recently I've illustrated children's books. Drawing is at the beginning and in the heart of all my work, some of which can be seen on my Instagram.

How can drawing be helpful to kids?

Drawing is a wonderful activity for both adults and children. It allows us to enter into our imagination and spend some time there, taking us away from any worries for a while, reducing stress and allowing us to express ourselves. For children drawing can be a completely absorbing activity... there's literally no limit to what they can draw - whole worlds can be created with just a pencil and some paper!

15 Minute Happy Super-Hero-Me drawing activity

A fun drawing activity for kids is to create a super hero version of themselves. Try this...

Start by drawing your face and thinking about what expression (or feeling) you want. Are you happy? Or cross? Or determined and brave? The shape of the eyebrows and mouth are a really good way of showing how you're feeling. Then add your hair. You could add an eye mask too.


Add a hat if you want to. It could be a crown or a cowboy hat or even a top hat. This is YOUR super hero so it doesn't have to look like any other you've seen.

Now draw your costume, using all your favourite colours. You could wear a cape and a big belt...maybe some nice big boots - whatever you think a hero should wear. Maybe you could have a special badge - like a star or a rainbow. 

What about having a sidekick? This is a superhero friend. This could even be an animal...maybe it could be your pet dog or cat - but a superhero version of them!


Last of all you could think about what super powers you'd like. Maybe you could fly, or become invisible, or time travel or make objects come alive! Make a list of your powers.

I hope you enjoy this activity...Happy Drawing!!


Becky Coletto