Mugs, Glorious Mugs


A great cup of tea deserves an awesome mug. We spend a LOT of time lusting over mugs for children (and grown-ups!).  One day we hope we’ll be making some Small & Wild mugs of our own. In the meantime though, this lovely selection may well be on our…ahem…our little peoples’ lists to Santa.

Sass & Belle has a whole host of brilliant gifts and their mugs certainly don’t let the side down. We adore the Kawaii friends collection, which is inspired by quirky designs from Japan. In particular the affable Hiro Fox would make the perfect accompaniment to a soothing cup of our Snoozy Fox. Buy from This Modern Life, Kawaii Fox mug, £10

Urban Outfitter’s Elephant mugs have got us smitten. This sweet design even provides a place to hold the tea bags in the elephant’s trunk once you are done brewing, making it even more fun for little ones. It would make the perfect gift, alongside our Merry Tiger tea, for those who love their jungle animals.  Elephant Tea Mug, £12

Big Tomato make eye-catching handmade mugs in Stoke on Trent. We’ve lined a couple up for our own wish-lists after gazing at them in Liberty. These iconic pop design mugs are available in a smaller size, perfect for little fingers. Match your little one’s cup to their tea, and treat them to a Jolly Croc with its freeze-dried strawberry pieces, in this brilliant cup.   Buy from Big Tomato,  £14.95

For the smallest (and most accident prone) of hands, RICE make beautiful Danish designed, relatively, unbreakable cups and at very reasonable prices. We particularly love their cloud design, and you can also buy lovely matching accompaniments. Ideal for enjoying a dreamy Happy Toucan.  Buy from Ottie and Bea, £4.10